All those bugs buzzin’ ‘round your head
Well, they fly in the air as you comb your hair
And the summertime will make you
Itch the mosquito bites
-The Flaming Lips

Beijing trees are full of cicadas. I mean, at least, from my point of view and from what I hear, there must be billions of cicadas in one tree. They sound like screaming raddles, but soothe in their steady rhythm. We wondered what such loud insects looked like. We got the opportunity when a plate of cicadas was served for dinner.

We made some new friends here, and one is professional chef and native Beijinger. I am pretty sure he gets a big kick out serving insects to westerners. So how did we like the bugs? The cicadas tasted like potato chips, salty and crunchy. Honestly, I thought they were pretty good and I ate my fair share. birdMAN preferred the silkworms. They were meaty with a flavor difficult to describe, sort of medicinal.

Along with the cicadas and silkworms, our host fed us a mouthwatering spread of stir-fried chicken, spicy pork, tender fall-off the bone beef, and cold mushrooms and asparagus. The meal ended with a shot of báijiǔ (白酒). Home cooked Chinese food is the best.

Chinese word of the blog: 好吃 hǎo chī (literally, good food)
English translation: tasty / delicious

We want tor learn how to make this: chicken, vegetables, and candied peanuts
Cicadas taste like crunchy potato chips
Evening meal
Cicadas are delicious!