Memories of the Future

Give me the keys to your heart, oh you’ll never know
Give me neon night, give me new world oh ah…
I threw my hands to the sky
-Handsome Furs

After 14 hours on a plane, four movies including an entertaining but indulgingly silly Bollywood movie, two meals, Haagen-daz, and zero hours of sleep, we arrived in Hong Kong. We have been seriously TV deprived for the last two months and fulfilled our TV watching needs (thank you Cathay Pacific for an awesome selection of movies and TV programs!). Hong Kong, xiāng găng, in Chinese literally means “fragrant harbor”.

Every place has a smell and a feel. Hong Kong smelled like a harbor, with the humidity and heat hitting us like a wall. After a few days, we grew to enjoy the humidity. We also enjoyed the astonishing city scape, gleaming high rises framed by green mountains and enveloped in a bluish haze. The city has a very New York/London feel, with a lot of western stores and having the largest Starbucks I have ever seen.  Most people seem to speak perfect English, making maneuvering around the City pretty easy for English speaking Americans. 

But are our memories are fondly filled with meeting up with good friends from distant places and wowing them with our amazing chop stick skills. Our Hong Kong holiday lasted only five days, serving as a good transition before moving north.

Enjoy the pictures!

At San Francisco Airport. Hope we didn't forget anything too important! 
Eating a fried chicken foot smothered in sauce. If you can forget you are eating a chicken foot, you might actually find it tasty.
On Sundays, the streets are filled with Filipino women on break. They work 6 days a week, 16 hour work days as house servants. We saw them eating, painting their nails, dancing, and in deep conversation. I can imagine them saying "You know what my boss did?"
The second tallest building in Hong Kong
A packed 2-story Apple store around 9 pm
Chicken head anyone?