Buggin' Part II

The buzz of love is busy buggin’ you
Well, they fly in the air as you comb your hair
And they’re splattered up and down
Your windshield and the headlight
-The Flaming Lips

Shortly after we first arrived in China, a local Beijinger invited us over for dinner and served up a savory fare of spicy ribs, noodles, and bugs (see Buggin’).  Recently I told our gracious host how much I enjoyed eating the cicadas at his home. A few days later he handed me a container of prepared cicadas, told me to stir-fry them, and said “Enjoy!” Well, I do enjoy eating strange food – but eating unusual food is not a solo affair. The experience must be shared, preferably with brave people.

Fortunately, San Franciscans Taj and Michelle were in town visiting their long-time friends and our neighbors, Xueshan and Zhiruo. While our out-of-towners weren’t busy—buying knock-off Ray Ban sunglasses, navigating traffic by bicycle, and wondering at Chinese girls’ confusing fashion choices—they were willing to experience Beijing culinary delights from street side chuanr (Chinese style kabobs) to Beijing roast duck to stir-fried cicadas. Ok, Taj partook of eating duck and the cicadas feast. Except for shrimp and bacon, Michelle is vegetarian.

Our guests imagined that the cicada’s exoskeleton would be crunchy, and its guts would explode into a gooey mess upon chewing. Their fears were unfounded. The entire cicada is crunchy and salty, and surprisingly edible. The consensus was: Cicadas are quite delicious!

Chinese word of blog: 虫子chóng zi      
English translation: insect / bug / worm

Zhiruo was the first to dig in
Oh snap! That good!
Xueshan says: Awwww yeah
A couple who eats bugs together stays together
Michelle says: Soooooooooooo nasty! You crazy!