The Zephyr Song

Fly away on my zephyr
I feel it more than ever
And in this perfect weather
We’ll find a place together
Fly on my wind
-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Beijing experienced a pleasant autumn this year. Every few days, the breezes would blow through the streets, along the hutongs, polluted canals, and up into the sky chasing the grey smog away. Sometimes the breeze was gentle and soothing. Sometimes the wind was fierce and unpleasant. But Beijingers do not mind a few days of blustery weather. That blustery weather augured at least a few days of crisp air and blue skies.

This time last year, winter had already arrived with an early November snow storm (see Winter Wooskie). The heavy snow choked the glory of the newly turned yellow leaves. The fragile leaves heaved under the weight and fell too early, leaving the trees naked.

But this year, thankfully, winter slept in and let autumn enter and exit with grace.

Chinese idiom of the blog: 五彩斑斓Wǔcǎi bānlán (five colors, multi-colored)
English translation: colorful

Example Sentence:  秋天的树是五彩斑斓的!Qiūtiān de shùmù shì wǔcǎi bānlán de!
English translation: Autumn trees are colorful!

Blue skies do occur occasionally in Beijing. Saw it with my own eyes!

A Fashion do: dress your dog a fall sweater
All these bright leaves! I feel like I found the end of the rainbow. You know, where Skittles are made.

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