Go Outside

I really want to go out
I really want to go outside and stop to see your day
You really want to hole up
You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away
-The Cults

Spring came on time this year. Despite the long stretches of severe pollution, the magnolia, cherry, plum, and peach buds opened wide to the sky and said, “Take that smog, I AM ALIVE.” Unfortunately, the lifespan of these awesome blossoms are awesomely short. The Beijing spring is short, and cool weather quickly transforms into hot weather. No spring jackets needed here.

On that note, Beijingers have shed the gloves and winter hats, but are still walking around wearing wool coats and sweaters. The thinking is you should wear as many layers as you can until you can’t stand it anymore. If you do not dress warm during the not-so-hot time, you will be too hot in the summer. That is, when the weather is a pleasant 70F, sweat it out under layers of clothes so you will be cooler in the summer. I reject this thinking. Cold is cold is cold. Warm is warm is warm. Hot is hot is hot. Dress accordingly.

Chinese Word of the Blog: 玉兰花 yù lán huā (literally jade orchid flower) 
English Translation: magnolia

The ladies came out for a spring dance
I have no idea what kind of buds these are
Blue skies are a rare sight
Beijing buds in all their glory
The kindergarteners out for a stroll
Neighborhood fruit girl in high spirits
A couple of weeks ago the skies cleared for a glorious sunset