Why Don’t You Write Me? 写作障碍

Monday morning, sitting in the sun
Hoping and wishing for the mail to come.
Tuesday, never got a word,
Wednesday, Thursday, ain't no sign,
Drank a half a bottle of iodine.
Friday, woe is me
Gonna hang my body from the highest tree.
Why don't you write me?
- Simon and Garfunkel

I blame learning Chinese on my lack of enthusiasm for blogging. Living as a foreigner in China certainly provides plenty of material for interesting blogs. There’s air pollution, finding beets in a western market, working as an indoor cycling instructor, sand and rain storms, bicycle repair, buying electricity, Chinese viewpoints on love and marriage, learning Chinese, recent trips etc etc etc.

Unfortunately, all I have swirling around in my head is Chinese. I give up. Here are some pictures from the last few months.


Chinese Word of the Blog: 写作障碍 Xiězuò zhàng'ài (literally writing obstacle)
English Translation: writer’s block

3/23 Chicken lady asked if I wanted the tough or the tender chicken.
I said give me the tender one and cut out the guts, and cut off the head and feet.
3/ 23 That poor chicken made a delightful chicken noodle soup.
4/3 A nice day to hang in a pagoda.
4/3  A modern take on an old style: mohawk mullet kid
4/15 Nasty sandstorm
4/16 Nothing but blue after the sandstorm! Great day for morning boot camp!
4/16 Cherry blossoms are such show-offs
4/21 birdMAN went to Sichuan for a week with his highschoolers. Here is a Chengdu panda.
4/23 birdMAN chillin' with the cool kids

4/28 Love is in the air!

4/23 Occasionally I pretend I am a professional photographer.
Here's a nice shot of soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Happy Smiley Couple. They were so much fun to photograph!

4/30 Last summer, I started leading a boot camp session with my friends twice a week.  You can imagine what a spectacle we are running around doing burpees, push-ups, and jumping jacks.
This is Selena. She asked to join and has become a regular participant. Usually I have four to five random people join each time. Then they bring their friends. It's nice having my own fan club.

5/1 Rainy day hike up Taiyang Mountain
5/1 Rainy day bike ride to Taiyang Mountain
5/2 New pizza place run by a Californian opened up nearby. We are sooooo happy.
5/8 Threw a ladies only party in honor of my almost married friend. Most cheesecake in Chinese bakeries are spongy with a slight cheese flavor. This cheesecake is not like that. It was dense just like cheesecakes are meant to be. Totally worth 180 RMB.
5/8 Mmmhhh Chinese food
5/9 When my bike tire gets a flat, I find this guy for a quick and cheap repair
5/10 Evening chill-laxing
5/12 Dumpling lunch
5/14 We had a straight week of AMAZING weather. Perfect temperatures and blue skies.

5/17 Yunnan food with Beijing's latest and hottest newlywed couple
5/18 Sandwiches in Sanlitun. Sometimes we like to pretend we are rich and hang out where the rich people are.

5/18 The weather was so sublime that day. Come back nice weather!
5/21 What's that in my salad? BEETS! Yes I found real beets at a foreign market.
I admit, not as sweet as California beets, but good enough to satisfy my beet cravings.
5/29 It's officially summer. It's hot. It's muggy.. And it's time to eat BBQ.