In the Sun 晒太阳

In the sun I'm waiting for the day
Having fun in warm far away
Moonlight nights water seems so clear
Oh city lights while I'm still waiting here
In the sun it's for everyone

Greetings from Thailand!

Every year we like to escape Beijing's cold and head to the tropics. Over the last five years while living in the northeast hemisphere, we've hit up Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia twice. We're back full circle to Thailand, packing an extra member of the family: one year old Dumpling.

So what does our little world traveler think of Thailand?

Fruit: Loves bananas! She would be happy living on a 100% banana diet. She also downed mango, watermelon, pineapple, and avocado with zest. Poor payapa has repeatedly been rejected.

Jungle Animal: My girl is a city girl. She cried in fear at the sight of a friendly elephant. We need to take more trips to the zoo.

Thai people: Dumpling loves people in general, and Thai people are no exception. She gets plenty of smiles, tickles, and bananas from our friendly Thai friends.

The Beach: We probably enjoyed seeing her in the warm Indian ocean for the first time more than she did. She was, however, very interested in eating the sand.

Thai Food: Loves the fresh fruit smoothies and anything with coconut. She loves all types of noodles: sweet, spicy (ish), or salty. Chicken satay, mild coconut curries, seafood glass noodles all so delicious. We might be realizing our goal of raising a foodie.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying the balmy weather here in Phuket. That is in between nap time and bedtime.

Chinese Word of the Blog: 晒太阳 shài tàiyang
English translation: bask in the sun

Mmmmm coconut shake
The elephants are scary
Getting some snuggles and a cookie
Dumpling takes a dip

Beach snooze
This sand is not delicious