Isn’t It Nice? 不错

It's a long and winding road to our house
So if you come to see us take it slow
Take it slow anyway when you come
You will know why we stay so far
From the city lights
-of Montreal

Coming up with clever opening sentence to talk about our recent trip home to the United States is eluding me. So let’s be succinct: California is nice.

Nice to spend the mornings lazily drinking coffee and chatting with Moomoo. Nice to sip a pint or two at local micro-breweries. Nice to take Dumpling to the park and not worry about stepping in dog doo-doo (or human doo-doo). Nice to watch Dumpling shriek with glee chasing around her cousins. Nice to eat juicy oranges from the my parents’ bountiful orange tree. Nice to be overwhelmed by the hummus selection at Whole Foods. Nice to be served water with ice. Nice to wear clothes fragrant of dryer sheets. Nice to surf the a speedy internet without a VPN.

So nice.

Chinese Word of the Blog: 不错 Bùcuò (literally, no faults)
English Translation: not bad; pretty good

Moomoo's apple pie. She's on a mission to get me fat.
Life is sweet at Moomoo's!
Dumpling gets sandwiched
Enjoying blue skies before the storms roll in. No babies drank beer during the taking of this photo.
Cantonese style food in California
Dumpling with her Pop-pop and Great Grandma
What a nice doo doo anywhere!
Two dads and their babies
The dreary weather didn't dampen these girls' spirit. Getting courageous in YC.
5:30 am hot pilates or cycle is how I like to vacation
Yaya's favorite: giraffe

Giraffe is now Dumpling's favorite
Happy to have J&G out from Georgia. 
This may be the worst picture ever. I blame the photographer (uh hum birdMAN!)
Zephram is definitely more fun than Disneyland (and cheaper).
Coffee and scones with my 老朋友. So nice.
 I'll loosen my belt to make room for the pie.
Who likes apple pie more? Ilein or Dumpling? It might be a tie.
Ice cream is nice in the winter