Young and Beautiful 二十年

Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will

-Lana Del Rey

Well, this is a long neglected blog. I owe my lack of blogging enthusiasm to the fact that our American life seems rather unremarkable. Who cares what I found on sale at Sprouts? Furthermore, blogging seems to be going out of style. Vlogging on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are replacing blogs like high-rise jeans are edging out skinny jeans. On that note, my 16 year old self would be shocked and horrified to know that my 40 year self wears high waisted mom jeans (gasp!) and runs around in public (even dining out) in workout pants and running shoes. Back to the early 2000s practice of blogging... Does anyone read this anyway? Does anyone read a blurb longer than two sentences?

Even if my blog readers mainly consist of our mothers who we see nearly everyday, leaving out one of 2021's major milestones in the birdMAN and Huixin saga does seem remiss.

So here goes...We have been married 20 years! Our marriage is now approaching the US legal drinking age of 21.

We celebrated our twenty years anniversary in true birdMAN style: we went to Moonraker Brewery for beer and picked up In N' Out cheeseburgers on the way. Yes, this was a few months ago back in September when the weather was still dry and hot.

So happy anniversary to us! May we always be young and beautiful.

Chinese Word of the Blog: 二十年 (Èrshí nián)
English Translation: Twenty years
Chinese Sentence: 我们结婚二十年了!(Wǒmen jiéhūn èrshí niánle)
English Translation: We have been married twenty years!

2021 makes 20 years of marriage for the Bai's and us,
more than 20 years of friendship, and countless burgers and brews.

Burgers + Brews = Celebration
Burgers + Brews = Celebration